What Makes Music So Valuable for the Young Learner

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Music and Rhythm for the Young Learner

What makes music so valuable for the young learner?


  • M   Multi-layered, Multi-Sensory Lessons

Through the simple songs in Honeysuckle Cottage, the children can learn not only vocabulary words but also study other subjects such as science and mathematics.  Listening skills as well as communication skills are being developed.


  • U     Unique expression and Universal Appeal

By giving children a chance to ignite their imagination, they can learn to express their opinions and ideas about the books and songs.  Children are naturally drawn to music and rhythm, so the lesson becomes very engaging for them.


  • S    Structure and Stress Patterns

The words to the songs in Honeysuckle Cottage were carefully crafted to help young learners understand the stressed words in a sentence and to understand the rise and fall of words within a sentence.  English is a musical language, and music is the natural vehicle to carry young learners through a successful lesson.


  • I       Instinctive and Intuitive

Babies will turn to the sound of music and young learners will naturally move to the beat of a rhythm.  When that natural response to rhythm is combined with vocabulary and patterned sentences, learning becomes intuitive.


  • C     Connection

One of the key factors for a healthy self-esteem is a sense of belonging.  Music offers an excellent opportunity to connect with the group, with the teacher and with their own ideas, feelings and emotions.  


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