In English Garden's English is Easy Level 1 Step 1 children will practice speaking, listening, reading, phonics,  and writing. Learning to connect spoken English to words on the page will help children connect the dots of learning English in an easy and fun way! Music and rhythm will help your child remember the lessons. Full video support is provided free for all lessons.

Social Emotional Learning is included in Step 1 with lessons in whole body listening and emotion words. 



NEW!    English is Easy Workbook Series





  Children can sing the phonics song for each lesson making it easy to remember how to pronounce long and short vowels.







Each lesson has vocabulary words which become the key words for the stories. 


Rebus reading makes it easy for young learners to follow along and repeat the stories. Singular and plural forms become easy too! 

Coloring/ Drawing

Children will color and draw to help reinforce their learning and because it's fun!


Students love finding the words in the word search. Soon they become experts at it!