The character of Honeysuckle Cottage in The English Garden
Meet Ruff!

Hi!  I'm Ruff.  I am glad you could come over to the English Garden. 

We can do lots of fun things together.


I like to catch bugs, play with my pets and dig in the dirt.  What do you like to do?  I love to play rugby.  That is my favorite thing of all.  I always keep my cap on so I am ready to play.  Do you like any sports?  I can ice skate a little, mostly I just slide.  I have a stag beetle king that I keep in my room.  He's really great.  I have a hive with bees in there!


Do you have any pets?  I have a lot of pets you can play with if you don't have any of your own.  


My house is called Honeysuckle Cottage because there is a lot of honeysuckle by my house.  Hey, maybe that is why the bees came.  There is a lot of stuff to tell you but I better go catch my beetle before Mom does!  See ya for now!